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LIVE SHOW #14 – Have You Been Watching?



Join me this Saturday, March 29, 2014 for a Live Show via Youtube!

From 1pm CST to 5pm CST I will be online, ready to chat, visit, and answer questions.

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Just Be

Be meek, but not weak.justbe

Be shy, but not fearful.

Be passionate, but not lustful.Be wise, but not lofty.

Be cautious, but not inactive.

Be independent, but not isolated.

Be silly, but not a fool.

Be disciplined, but not rigid.

Be thrifty, but not miserly.

Be giving, but not a martyr.

Be spiritual, but not religious.

Be educated, but not arrogant.

Be quiet, but not silent.

You are created for a purpose only

You can fulfill.

We all have our place and

We all interconnect.


Launch of the Give & Grow Feature

Please take a moment to check out the new page here on the Get Real with Wesleygw blog.

Give and Grow is a concept I have been mulling over in my mind for some time now.

And now is the time.

In order to get things going with a BANG, I will be hosting a …get this…

24 HOUR LIVE STREAM EVENT this December 20, 2013!!!

I know, I’m crazy, but we already established this didn’t we?!

Anyway – head on over to the new page, Give and Grow and stay tuned for updates!

What Do I Do Now? What Do I Do With My Life?



What do I do now? What do I do with my life?

Have you ever asked these questions? Are you asking them now?

Maybe this video will help, or maybe it will give you the time to reflect and find answers for yourself.

What do I do with my life?
What do I do now…

If you’re watching this, chances are you’re asking yourself these exact questions

Now, I’m no expert, or a doctor, or anything fancy like that. But what I am is a person who has asked “What do I do now” many times before

Here’s where you are supposed to get a pep talk or some motivation phrases to inspire you, right?

Well, sorry, but that’s not really helpful in the long run…and Life doesn’t do “quick fixes”

So, what can I say? How can I help answer your questions?

What do I do with my life?
What do I do now?

I know you are asking because something tragic has happened or you woke up one day and couldn’t recognize YOU or your life or you “have it all” but you’re still feeling like something is missing

Whatever the reason, you’re asking

What do I do with my life?
What do I do now

To be honest, all I can tell you is – its Your Life do what you want to do?

Right now you have an amazing opportunity to go forward in life in deliberate, purposeful way!

Seize that, don’t fear it!

Moving forward doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out the window, but it does mean you are going to have to change

The changes can be easy or difficult

Either way, the choice is yours

So again — you’re here and you’re asking — so let me make some suggestions

1. Take stock of the good stuff in your life — write it down, literally inventory your stock of life as it is today.

2. (doit) Breathe — give yourself time to grieve, recover, gain balance, whatever, just cut yourself some slack

3. Be open to whatever my happen now — the hard part may not be over yet, it may just be starting, be ready

4. Disregard anything and everything negative in your world — Negative can be in the form of so called “well meaning” family or friends, a rude driver, the daily news, that book you’re reading — If it is negative, stay away as much as possible

5. This is the most simple part and the hardest part — write a story of how you want life to be from here forward — don’t get shallow about it — get real — forget about getting rich or drastically changing your appearance or finding a hotter new someone in order to get back at or prove something to whomever or whatever — this is YOUR life NOT theirs — stop trying to please them, stop trying to get everyone to agree with you and be on your side -

because truth is…they won’t…they never will be

Instead of focusing on shallow things…focus on – what do you want to learn? Try? See? Help with?

Go deeper – because the questions you’re asking are deeper — Honestly, I believe you are ready, and that is why whatever has happened to you has happened — you are ready –

A Greaterness is pushing you to ask

What do I do with my life?
What do I do now

Because you are ready

So by all means answer that Greatness with a significant, deeper reply — one that feels so comfortable to you when you speak it and think it that you marvel at why oh WHY did it take you until now to see it!

Go deeper – take the time required – but go deep – and I know you will discover what to do now and what you will do with the rest of your life.



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