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How Do I Make My Facebook Private?

Social media was designed to be…social…


So I am always amazed at people who want to make part or all of their social media profiles “private”.

I created this video in 2014 to help people out with how to make Facebook private.

The information is still helpful (in late 2015) so I thought I would share it here.




Can you ever really be 100% private online, especially in social media?


Nope…not really.

There are ways to restrict some access, but my idea is this:

“If you are online, you have no privacy anymore.”


Now of course you want to disable geotracking, and mistagged photos etc.

But overall, if you don’t want someone to see something  – don’t post it.

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Vlogging FTW! What Do You Think of that HUGE MOTH?!

Way back in 2012, I did something that was fun and stressful at the same time.


I did a daily vlog on Youtube!

Making people laugh is a kick for me, and my stint of doing a daily video blog in 2012 proves that.

This zany video is a perfect example of what a totally random video blog or vlog looks like. So if you are considering taking up vlogging…here ya go! LOL


Let me know in the comments below…what are some of your favorite things (like we shared in the video)?




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SOLD ***** SOLD ***** SOLD ***** SOLD ***** SOLD

As mentioned in this video, I am beginning to offer things for sale to my viewers/community online.

This one is awesome! If you want it, click the button below!

This is just one of the items for sale by Wesleygw  🙂





MacBook Pro Retina + Case – Used Once – Gift – 13″

2.4 GHz dual core Intel i5
4 GB of DDR3 RAM
2 – Thunderbolt 2 Ports
SDXC card slot
HDMI port
2 – USB 3 ports
back lit keyboard
OSX operating system
Incase brand carrying case
laptop hard cover case
charging cord
etc etc etc

This was given to my son as a gift – he literally used it once – and he wants cash instead.














$850 + $25 Shipping




Thanks Lori!

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